Answers To Your Questions

Is your office accepting new patients, and if so, what do I need to do first in order to be seen for treatment or an exam?

Please call our office at 210 922-4275 to discuss your dental needs. If you have an insurance plan or Medicaid/Medicare, please have your insurance card available so that we can get your plan and policy information. Then our insurance coordinator can access specific information about your insurance plan. We can then make an appointment for a thorough exam and develop a treatment plan that addresses your concerns.

Do you take referrals from my family and friends?

We truly appreciate your referrals and consider them a compliment!

I have a toothache. How quickly can I be seen for treatment?

We strive to  see urgent care patients the same day when they call the office before 3 pm. Otherwise, we can usually see them the next week day. We understand that a toothache can be painful and distracting, so we try to see you as soon as possible. An emergency room visit for a toothache is expensive, time consuming, and often does not provide any actual care to fix the problem.

I have put off taking care of my mouth and am worried that it might be too late to save my teeth. Are dentures the only answer to replace my teeth?

It is never too late to see a dentist. After a thorough exam and necessary x-rays, we provide a treatment plan with realistic options to save restorable teeth. We will also discuss options to replace teeth that are missing or must be removed due to infection or that cannot be restored. We can also discuss alternatives to dentures, such as implants and bridges. We will help guide you to make those choices and provide you with referrals for specialty care as needed.

I was recently seen at another office and want a second opinion about recommended care. Can you help?

We are happy to discuss your care and provide an opinion. In order to advise you at the time of your visit to our office, we will need good quality x-rays or a single image (if discussing only one tooth) from a recent exam. If this is not available, we will need to take x-rays (radiographs) of your teeth in order to provide you with an informed opinion.

I am taking medications that require my doctor’s approval before dental care. Can you help with that?

We will contact your doctor’s office and coordinate with them, regarding your dental care and any medications that you are taking. Sometimes your physician will want you to temporarily discontinue taking some medications such as blood thinners before dental care, especially for extractions.

I have been using a broken partial denture that is missing clasps and teeth. Can this be repaired and how long do I have to be without it?

If your partial or complete denture is still serviceable and repairable, we can often have repairs completed the same day and returned to you before the end of the day.

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